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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  November 1, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the losing streak is over. the ravens oglivie ooh-rah legos this afternoon, handing denver its first loss of the season -- the ravens ended their losing streak this afternoon. a dominating performance by the ravens as they take out one of the three undefeated teams. 11 sports director and voice of the ravens gerry sandusky joins us live and an antique ink stadium -- at m&t bank stadium. >> this was a ravens team that had run into some trouble defensively, during that losing streak, but today, they were just handing out that trouble to the broncos. they ended up winning it, and the defense set the tone early on with the big hits, like ed
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reed. the plane held under review, and that set up a field goal -- the play held under review. rookie lardarius webb weaving through the traffic. 13-0, ravens. and then joe flacco got mason on it. a 30-7 win, and john harbaugh is thrilled that defense played such a key role in today's victory. -- that the fans played such a key role. >> it was good to be in our stadium. those two purple walls, when our defense was on the field, it made a difference. >> as you might expect, plenty of grins to go along with the
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win today. coming up in sports, we will hear from one of the defensive stars. gerry sandusky, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. teen coverage continues tonight on "ravens wrap-up." voice of the ravens gerry sandusky and pete gilbert will have more. now, to a murder. it happened at a halloween party early this morning in a wealthy neighborhood. two men were shot, one fatally. 11 news melissa carlson is live at police headquarters with more. melissa? >> they have been interviewing witnesses and guests after a halloween party after a party turned deadly. police got the call about 1:15
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this morning. once their, they found a teenager dead in the driveway -- once there. they found another person shot in the house, and he will be paralyzed. the owners of the home actually rented it out for the party. neighbors say they are surprised happened. >> we were called to the same location in june for a similar type incident. yes, we know the neighbors are familiar with incidents that have happened there, as well. >> i mean, it is a shock. to say the least. >> exactly what caused the shooting is still not known at this time. police say it may involve some
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ongoing altercation. two other people were also injured. they say they do not believe is related to the shooting, and those are non-life-threatening injuries. they believe someone at the party knows exactly what happens, and if you know anything, you are asked to call the police -- they believe someone at the party knows exactly what happened. >> a suspect was shot and killed by sheriff's deputy, jason lawrence. this is obviously wrong video that you are looking at. the incident happened as officials were responding to a domestic violence call on saturday. the deputy says when he got there, jason lawrence threatened him, and fearing for his life, he opened fire. that deputy is a five-year veteran of the force, and he is
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on administrative leave pending the investigation. a man was shot and killed on friday night. the 47-year-old began shooting at officers who responded to his home for a domestic violence incident. police returned fire, killing him. the 23-year police officer involved in this case has all look at identified so far as officer parker. carbon monoxide poisoning in another case involving a woman, her teenage daughter, and her 3- year-old son. they were discovered this morning and were transported to the hyper barracked -- hyperbaric chamber at the hospital. incidents like this are one reason that fire officials use daylight savings time to issue a life savings reminder -- a light signal reminder every year. >> when you go to change your
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time, replace your batteries in your smoke detector and your carbon monoxide detector at that time. you and your family will have that added reassurance and be able to get allies. >> need more reasons? maryland ranks highest in the nation in home deaths due to fire. >> well, we certainly started the day out in kind of a dreary mode. the rain finally moved out in the early afternoon. there were some clouds. some sunshine off to the north and northeast of us, so we were kind of sitting on defense all day long. just under half an inch of rain. this evening, we do have some clouds, a few sprinkles, but most of the rain has moved offshore. we will talk about the weather,
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which is typical for autumn, i guess you could say, coming up. >> president obama faces the first anniversary of his election. he is bracing for more bad news as the latest jobs report hinted this week. 11 news reporter brian mooar has the latest project economy report from washington. >> one year ago this week, barack obama was elected president in a nation tumbling into financial abyss. he argued without the stimulus, the economy could be much worse. >> it is easy to forget that only a few weeks ago, the economy was shrinking, and economists fiers a depression. >> the report was recently that the economy grow over 3% -- and economists afeard a depression -- feared a depression.
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the unemployment is at 9.8%, and it could top 10 percent said this week with the latest jobs report -- it could top 10% this week. >> where are the jobs? >> republicans are scoffing at the claims by the democrats and the president of jobs being saved or created. treasury secretary timothy geithner predicts a choppy recovery. >> this is a very tough economy. it has only been three months of positive growth. it will take time for unemployment to come down and for jobs to be created again. >> he said the stimulus is just trying to show results. he says is too early to determine if more government spending will be needed. he says the president does not want to break one of the key promises and raise taxes on the middle class. brian mooar, wbal tv 11 news,
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>> the challenger in afghans elections says he will not participate and has decided to withdraw -- the challenger in the afghan election. this is happening as president obama is weighing on whether or not to send more troops. just weeks before being deployed to afghanistan, the ravens sent a special pregame thank you to maryland national guard members as part of military appreciation day at m&t bank stadium, which the troops or
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able to watch live. satellites -- watch live via satellite. >> even when you are at a deployed location, we always try to follow our favorite teams. >> there was an honorary captain for today's game. many people are pinching pennies, and now, an attorney is accused of taking millions from struggling families. a preview of that, next. >> the rain has moved offshore. we will see what happens. the insta-weather plus forecast for the week ahead is coming up in just a few minutes. mostly cloudy skies right now
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more. our 11 news reporter explains. >> a maryland attorney promised to manage debts of his clients, but some claim to their money problems got worse. the man claimed that the company based in frederick was ready to help for his -- with his credit card debt. but then, he could not get any answers to his questions. >> the telephone was always busy, and then finally, there was not any telephone. >> they filed complaints with the maryland attorney general against the man who is now accused of taking millions from debt-strapped families. >> the way this is being handled by the attorney general's office is that you ripped off your client. is that what you did? >> what the attorney has to say about the money he got from consumers. what the state is doing to get the money back.
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from the 11 news i-team, i am barry simms. >> well, this evening, we have a good scattering of clouds around the area, especially down to our south and southeast, but the rain is gone, but here is what the rain look like up until now. this was until we hit midday and early afternoon, when it started to go out and offshore. this is picking up a little movement from the south, moisture, and this may still prove a bit troublesome, especially for some areas around us in the next 24 hours or so. today, our high was just after midnight. during the day, we were stuck in the mid 50's or so. 59 was bellow. that does not make much sense, does it? -- 59 was the low.
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51 was the low at the inner harbor. we had half an inch of rain, and it seemed that it should be more, but it really was not. let's take a look at those current temperatures. that 59 as the low must have been a typographical error. annapolis, 54. 52 in hagerstown. this one area has had some sunshine during the day tomorrow -- today, which dance explain -- which can explain the temperatures. and another warming trend in the central part of the northwest. this is not the coldest air we are going to see this week. that comes in later on. the satellite picture shows the clouds with all of that moisture moving offshore.
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here in baltimore, we are on the edge of the clouds, so we can see some sunshine it if we are in the city. the front moves offshore. high-pressure trying to come in. it will not be a complete break until this moves out, and that will take another 18 hours or so. tonight, we continue in town, especially, when a lot of clouds, maybe a sprinkle in some areas -- with a lot of clouds. a lot of clouds tomorrow, but there will be some breaks of sunshine, especially off to our northwest. highs again on the in the 50's, similar to today. a one-foot chop on the water. the futurecast shows the disturbance off to our southwest keeping the cloud cover nearby and perhaps of his sprinkles here and there. noontime tomorrow, still a lot
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of clouds. by the time we get into tuesday, the clouds moved out of the picture, and for the rest of the week, pretty much some nice weather. on thursday, this may produce some showers. temperatures are a little bit below the seasonal temperatures. >> i am pete gilbert live at m&t bank stadium. coming up, how we knew what we would see out of
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>> 70,000 ravens fans left m&t bank stadium, all feeling pretty much the same so they. that is pretty much more like it. >> hanging around in games and
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then doing good things at the ends. the ravens gave them no opportunity to do that today -- and then doing good things at the end. >> literally, the first play. the ravens defense let denver know that they were in for a fight today. knowshon moreno. this one is good from 43 yards. the ravens lead it, 3-0. -- led it. 95 yards, all the way for the return. it looked like he would run out of gas but somehow found fourth ygear. >> of course, it would not be a ravens game without some controversy with the referees.
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about five seconds later, incomes bains flag -- in comes the flag. they got it going. joe flacco to derrick mason. the defense continued to shine. 200 total yards allowed by the ravens' defense. 30-7 is your final, very impressive, as the ravens reestablished their identity. >> we have not made a lot of changes as far as personnel. this is the same group of guys. you are looking at it going, "am i the problem?" you start wondering. it is huge to have this to work on and come back and play a really, really good upon an in play well. >> and nobody to blame -- and
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play a really, really good game and play well. >> and nobody to blame. >> the indianapolis colts won today. the forty-niners controlling an early. gone, a touchdown of over 60 yards -- the 49 is controlling it early. -- 49 yearers controlling it. a measure of trickery. peyton manning. the leftie going up top. he finds him wide-open for the go-ahead touchdown. 18-14. the first nfl coach ever to start his career with a 7-0
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record. >> the world series is going on. very interesting as the yankees looked shaky early on. new york came back to be victory. 8-5. andy pettitte was not spectacular early on. the former oriole cast off. he goes deep. >> imagine that. >> the phillies would build a lead. there was a pair with this double. 5-3. and then -- the yankees can win, 8-5. daymond four is tonight. -- game 4 is tonight. >> we have more coming up on "ravens wrap-up."
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>> what is the word on the weather? >> more dry. >> we will see you at 1
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